What happens when food gets together for a Giant Party? Bangalore Food Fete, that’s what!

Last weekend played host to the Bangalore Food Fete as Bangaloreans scrambled to Marathahalli to witness a spectacle in its own right. It’s always a spectacle when there’s food involved, right? Bangalore Food Fete had 28 restaurants coming together to celebrate what all of us hold close to our hearts – food. 


We went by last Sunday to you know – eat and had a blast! The event was well organised and the entertainment was amazing. We loved grabbing a bite at some of our favourite restaurants and then waddling into the entertainment area to just sit down and listen to some music while our stomachs digested fast enough for us to go to the next stall and order our next dish. Here’s a break by break of what we experienced at the first edition of the Bangalore Food Fete. 

 Getting there:

Getting there proved to be a tad bit difficult as there were no signs of the main street to point us to the location. But one call to the organisers (or the number given on the facebook page) and they were more than happy to direct us to the right location. We parked our cars and excitedly walked to the entrance. 


There was a large stall selling tickets on the spot that was efficient and well handled. All of us were handed a band that we proudly wore on our wrists. We strolled in. 

Stalls aka Food: 

We walked in to find a large Kingfisher banner and knew we were in for the good times. Starting from our right, there were stalls all around the venue – each represented by a restaurant that ranged from chinese to cafe cuisine. We took a quick walk around the venue and made mental notes on what to order first and what last. 

So here’s some of our favourites from the Bangalore Food Fest. Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long list. 


1. J.S Shawarma  from Just Shawarma 

This shawarma was hands down the best we have had in Bangalore and trust us, we have been searching for the right shawarma for a long time. 

2. Say Cheese Hot Dog from HungryHogs 

This one blew us away. The Say Cheese Hot Dog was a combination of coleslaw, mustard, jalapenos, BBQ sauce, ketchup and cheese wrapped in a coleslaw bun. Yes, we know. Your mouth’s watering. So was ours! 

3. Blueberry Cupcake from Cupcute 

Cupcute is a bakery run in Koramangala by Prasad P and his wife. They call it “all cuteness in one cup experience”. It’s delicious to boot. 


4. The Chicken Tahini Roll from The Roll Place 

The Roll Place or TPR as they call it serves out rolls like there’s no tomorrow! We loved their tahini roll. This is one roll place that stands out from the myriad of roll places.

5. The Trucker Burger from Smally’s 

We love Smally’s. Enough said. But their trucker burger had us fall in love all over again. We went by to Smally’s and decided to write a few words about it. Read about it here. 

6. Potato Swirls from Chetty’s Corner 

Potato swirls on a skewer was the showstopper at Bangalore Food Fete and was seen in everyone’s hand. We wish we had more hands. 


7. Double Chocolate Therapy from Hokey Pokey 

Melt all your problems away with this delicious ice cream from Hokey Pokey. They even have tiny pieces of brownie in it. Trust us, it makes everything else seem slightly less important. In our case, nothing else mattered. 

Bangalore Food Fete has announced dates for their second edition – February 6th and 7th 2016. We can’t wait! Will you be headed there next year?

Oh before we forget, Bangalore Food Fete announced the winners of this years Festival. Take a look below. 

What happens when food gets together for a Giant Party? Bangalore Food Fete, that's what!