Find Out What Happens if you Eat Egg Every Day


Eggs and milk contain the highest level of protein. But eggs are well tolerated, easy to eat, inexpensive, and can be adapted to any meal.

Many medical sources state that eating up to 3 eggs per day is safe.

As a matter of fact, eating eggs on a daily basis can have positive impacts on the human body.

Find Out What Happens if you Eat Egg Every Day

Boosting Health

Medical News Today states that there isn’t an exact amount of eggs that can be eaten in one day as a part of a healthy diet, but eating one to three eggs/day should be safe.

Eggs are loaded with minerals and vitamins, which give a good boost to the immune system, with vitamins B-12, and A directly linked to boosting the immune system.


Vitamin D can be found in egg yolks, which will both help you stay healthy and recover faster if you do get sick. Eggs are the easiest, healthiest, and quickest food to have when you’re trying to recover from the flu or cold.

Another two very important minerals for your immune system, that can be found in eggs are zinc and selenium. Zinc keeps the immune system active, while selenium ensures a healthy immune function, fertility, and cognitive function.

Brain Health

The vitamins found in eggs are important for brain functions as well. An egg contains four essential nutrients that can boost your brain’s well-being – folate, vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and choline.

B12 synthesizes brain chemicals and maintains healthy levels of sugar in the brain. Also, B vitamins can slow the advancement of mental decline in seniors.

Folate is another essential nutrient because people suffering from depression, and senior patients with dementia have folate deficiency.

Choline is an essential micronutrient used by the body to produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for keeping mood and memory regulated.

Choline is a micronutrient that many people don’t consume enough, but egg yolks can be seen as the highest source of this micronutrient, one egg containing 26% of the recommended daily value for a woman.

Risk of Having Heart Diseases

The LDL levels were thought to be raised by egg consumption, yolks in particular. High cholesterol levels are known to cause heart diseases, so many people avoid whole eggs or just the yolks.

The liver produces high cholesterol from the trans-fat and saturated fat from our diet, not from the dietary cholesterol.

One egg contains about 1.5 gr of saturated fat, and the moderated consumption of eggs might actually protect from heart diseases, as studies have shown, rather than cause heart diseases.

What you actually eat eggs with will raise the cholesterol levels, such as butter, bacon, muffins, cheese, or sausages, for example, as these products are rich in saturated fats.

Healthier Skin

Facial masks with raw eggs are a bad idea because raw eggs can have salmonella while cooked eggs don’t. However, cooked eggs can be even better for your skin.

Eggs contain quite a few vitamins and minerals that maintain a healthy skin, especially selenium. Having a diet with foods rich in selenium can help in protecting against sun damage, age spots, and skin cancer. Two large eggs have 56% of the daily needed value of selenium.

As previously mentioned, selenium gives the immune system a boost, and a healthy immune system helps a person feel and look well. Even with all its benefits, a person should not have a diet based on eggs, but make eggs a part of a well-balanced diet.

Weight Loss

Eggs are very satiating by having a combination of fat and proteins. As a result, it keeps the stomach full for a longer period of time. This will, of course, results in less or smaller meals that will lead to weight loss.

A study over an 8-week timeframe has shown that people who replaced bagels with eggs had a 16% higher chance of reducing body fat, 34% higher decrease in waist size, 61% higher reduction of BMI, and 65% higher reduction of their weight.

The results clearly said that egg consumption supports weight loss.

Find Out What Happens if you Eat Egg Every Day


Eggs can be officially called a superfood, tolerated well both by the elderly and children, and completely stuffed with minerals and vitamins.

Some of them being quite essential for the health of your mind and body, eggs are very good source of nutrients. Eggs are a food that shouldn’t be left aside from your diet.