What Does Your Morning Cuppa Say About You?

If you were a 90s kid glued to your TV screen with Nickelodeon swiped across it, you’d probably recognize the name Clarissa Darling. For the puzzled ones, Clarissa Darling was the much-loved protagonist of the TV Show Clarissa Knows It All. And boy, did she!

Well guess what? Clarissa is back! Yep, the series creator of Clarissa Knows It All, Mitchell Kriegman, has come up with a new book called Things I Can’t Explain. In the book, Clarissa is a “funemployed journalist” in her twenties who lives in the big city still penning down listicles.

The highlight of her day happens to be her coffee breaks. No, not because she’s in love with the caffeine but the barista actually. This automatically results in Clarissa taking her barista (strike) coffee routine rather seriously. And while at it, the lassie has observed her surroundings and come up with a handy guide on how to judge people’s personality based on their coffee choices. Here’s what the guide says.

gallery-1446666682-tice-coffee-personality-chart-cosmoImage Source: Cosmopolitan