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What Does The Way You Eat Pizza Say About You?


How do you eat your pizza? If you’re anything like us, then you probably answered quickly and messily. However, according to Cosmopolitan, there’s a lot more to pizza eating than you know.

Cosmopolitan was inspired by research by Patti Wood, a body language expert at Emory University in Georgia. Wood argues that spontaneous actions, such as smiling and eating can be judged to classify individuals into four different categories; the driver, the influencer, the supporter and the careful corrector. These correlate with four different personality types; dominance, inducement, submission and compliance.

Wood’s methods and findings were studied by the Cosmopolitan team and then used to judge people based on their pizza eating habits. What category do you fall into?

Folding the Pizza


If you fold the pizza slice in half before eating it, then you are a driver. Folding a pizza in half is much more time effective way of finishing it. It also shows that you are not afraid to steer away from the traditional pizza eating methods and try something new. According to Cosmopolitan, these types of pizza eaters always strive to be the ‘best’ at everything.

Eating the Crust First


Personally, the crust is my least favourite part of the pizza. Some people, however, do dive into the crust first, and are considered influencers. Again, the person who eats the crust first is comfortable with being different from the herd. “ You like to be dramatic, often talk loudly, and love getting attention through your actions — even better if a little admiration comes with it,” commented Cosmopolitan.

Eating With A Fork And Knife


No surprises here; you’re very methodical and proper, which makes you a supporter. You enjoy routine and probably order the same pizza with the same exact toppings each pizza night. You prefer to eat your pizza sitting at the dining table because there’ll be less mess.

Biting In


Grabbing a slice of pizza from the box and biting straight into it is the most preferred method of pizza eating. This makes you a careful corrector; you know what works and don’t understand why one would try anything different.