What Are College Students Go To Midnight Foods According To Grub Hub?

Ahhh, college. A time when you’re tasting what it feels like to be independent, to decide when and how you’re going to study and which parties to go to, or avoid. It’s also a time when you feel completely comfortable picking up the phone at midnight and ordering take out; after all there’re no parents to say no, and you may not have the chance in the future, right? Right.

To see what foods are most popularly ordered by college students, US based food delivery company GrubHub analysed its own orders from colleges across the country. Considering orders that came from email ids ending with ‘.edu’, they put together a list of the top ten delivery favourites when it comes to college students. The results will surprise you.

1) Frozen Yogurt


No one screams for ice cream anymore. At least, no one in college. Frozen yogurt is the new ‘in thing’. After all, its comparatively healthier than ice cream and easily customisable.

2) Waffle Fries


Mmm, cheesy! With their gorgeous crunch and comforting toppings, waffle fries are college students’ go to snacks.

3) Chicken Souvlaki Pita


This is a somewhat surprising choice, as this dish originates from the Middle East. It’s nice to know that college kids are expanding their horizons!

4) Chocolate Chip Brownies


But of course. Not only are they delicious and gooey, but chocolate is naturally a go to comfort food. It’s no wonder that college students, often dealing with work related stress as well as emotionally turbulent experiences order so many of them!

5) Hibachi Chicken


Japanese food is always a winner. Always.

6) Vegetarian Spring Rolls


We’re living in an increasingly health conscious society, and more and more individuals – especially the younger generation – are choosing to go vegetarian or vegan. Hence the need for these delicious snacks.

7) Sweet and Sour Chicken


Sweet and sour chicken is like Japanese food –a always a winner.

8) Cheese Pizza


Even if we are becoming healthier, no one can resist a pizza oozing with cheese. It’s even better when shared with your dorm mates in the common room!

9) Buffalo Chicken Wings


Dripping with delicious sauce and amazingly hot and crispy, chicken wings are the ultimate fast food. After pizza, of course – in life, and on this list.

10) Spicy California Roll


Another Japanese dish makes its way onto this list; California rolls are light, healthy and delicious.