Western Central Railways Bans The Sale Of Colas At 300 Of Its Stations

The Western Central Railways have banned the sale of all colas at 300 of its stations on Bhopal, Jabalpur and Kota. These include Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Sprite, 7Up and Mountain Dew. 

Why The Ban?

According to reports, the authorities at the Western Central Railways said that the health certification on the colas had expired making the drinks a health hazard. Authorities believe that the drinks could contain metals like cadmium and chromium.

“The cold drinks being sold at railway stations do not have the required certification from the health department. Till the time they get the certificate, the sale of these cold drinks has been banned,” Sachin Shukla, Assistant General Manager, Western Central Railways, said to India Today.

“The company’s old permission has expired, and till the time they get fresh permission, the sale of cold drinks has been banned. Also, the health department is conducting tests on the contents of these drinks, and till the time this test report is out, fresh permission to sell these cold drinks will not be given,” he added.