Wendy’s Just Trolled McDonald’s Fresh Beef Plan With A Hilarious Tweet

Fast food rivalry is not new. However, in the recent years major fast food chains have moved past sending their mascots to lurk outside rival chains and have now taken the battle to social media.

In the most recent instance, Wendy’s has trolled McDonald’s with a single tweet.

McDonald’s Fresh Beef Announcement

A few days ago, McDonald’s told all its followers that it would be replacing frozen patties in its Quarter Pounder burgers with fresh beef at a majorly of their restaurants by mid-2018.

Wendy’s picked up on certain words in the tweet and replied with this:

Twitter was thrilled with their troll; the tweet has been liked 123,000 times and retweeted almost 53,000 times.

Wendy’s of course, was also subtly referring to the fact that they serve fresh beef in all their products.