Wendy’s Is Doing BOGO Burgers The Whole Of March

They say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. However, with Wendy’s BOGO burgers, I supposed you can get pretty close (pretty sure you won’t refuse an extra burger). All you have to do is download their and follow the instructions to get yourself a burger free of cost (the real win).

Got $1? Get a Double Stack and bring home the most beef for your buck.

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You can get yourself a double of a Dave’s Single burger or a Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich the whole of March. Just,  download the app and head to the “account” section right after. Once you’re there, go to the section that says “offers,” where you’ll find the deal. You can start the process inside the app and pick up your burgers at a Wendy’s near you.

If you’re more into veggies than burgers (as if) you can also get yourself a nice $2 off a large salad on offer as well. However, I gotta feeling that most are gonna be sticking to the free burger.


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