Welcome 2019 In Manga Style At YOUMEE

As we bid adieu to 2018, a delightful celebration awaits you at YOUMEE, a scrumptious collision of authentic cuisine and flavours of Far East with the fun and lively art of Manga. The New Year’s special menu promises an impeccable start to the year with an assortment of unlimited dim sums, sushi and robata.

The well-balanced menu is a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. One can eat to their heart’s content and load up on all kinds of yummy dim sum like New York chilli cheese, Edamame Truffle Oil, Cantonese vegetable with soring onion, Pumpkin & Shitake, prawn in hot yellow curry and crunchy chicken dumplings. Sushi lovers can relish YOUMEE Garden roll, Godzilla Roll, spicy chicken, prawn tempura and vegetable California in the company of unlimited beer and IMFL.

To make you swoon, the menu is offering varied robata like three mushroom skewers, Veggie Basil, Chicken Satay, Grilled Asparagus Bundle and Grilled chicken half bird. The pork and fish lovers can welcome the New Year with pork belly with Japanese glaze and grilled fish in south Asian dressing robata.

Head to YOUMEE to experience the dynamic and eccentric energy of Manga as well as the delectable favours of the Far East with your friends and family.

Welcome 2019 In Manga Style At YOUMEE

Date- 31st December 2018

Time- 11.30 am- 11.30 pm

Venue- YOUMEE, GK 2 

Cost for One: Starts from Rs. 1850+ taxes