#WeeklyRoundUp: Food Stories You Might Have Missed Last Week


So much happens in the world of food on a daily basis and sometimes it’s difficult to cover everything, so if we missed anything, we’ll add it to our weekly round-up and give you the lowdown on everything food related happening in India and around the world. From startups getting new funding to established brands expanding into new businesses, rebranding and revamping of popular brands and names, we’re covering everything that you might have missed out on.

We’re bringing you the brief versions of the big stories.

Nestle Adds PRO-GROW To Its A+ Milk Brand

Nestle a+ PRO-GROW is the latest addition to the Nestle a+ brand which attempts to offer nutritional benefits to specific members of the family.  It is said to have 20% higher milk protein, specifically targeting growing children. This new product comes in two packs – 1 litre pack (Rs. 99) and 180 ml small trial packs (Rs. 30).

Speaking about the product, Arvind Bhandari, general manager-dairy, Nestle India, says, “Nestle a+ PRO-GROW addresses specific needs of protein for growing children. All mothers are anxious about their child’s growth and want to make sure that their children get the best nutrition for growth. Nestle a+ PRO-GROW, which comes in two exciting flavours of vanilla and chocolate, caters to this need as it has 20% more milk protein and contains all the essential amino acids.”

7UP Is The First Fizzy Drink To Use the Stevia Sweetener In India

In a time when there are taxes on fast food and carbonated drinks, this comes as a great big step for India. 7UP, owned by PepsiCo, is the first carbonated drink in the country to use stevia sweetener in the drinks. It’s not just a big move for India, but all over the world, 7Up India is the first to make this change.


When talking about this, PepsiCo’s Vice President for beverages Vipul Prakash told Economic Times, “If we want to make a meaningful change to our portfolio, we will have to do it two-fold — one is to introduce new choices, and second make the existing portfolio healthier. This is our first and very important move forward in making our existing core range healthier.”

Rumours Are Circulating That KFC’s Secret Fried Chicken Recipe Has Been Revealed!

For a while there, everyone was getting excited that the recipe published in the Chicago Tribune, was the real deal. But KFC is now disputing that it’s not the real deal. When a reporter visited the nephew of KFC founder and he learned of the recipe, but nobody knew if it was true. KFC considers this one of their biggest trade secrets in the world and have said that the recipe the reporter say is not the real thing.

In a statement, KFC said, “Many people have made these claims over the years and no one has been accurate – this one isn’t either.” So now the hunt continues!

Other stories you might have missed:

– The government wants all details of packaged food items to be visible and readable on the boxes by increasing the font size.

Nestle India’s market value has risen after the launch of several new and old products, including Maggi Hot Heads

Patanjali Ayurveda bags third position in sales at Future Retail Stores

– To promote safe food culture, FSSAI has announced ten new initiatives to be followed by schools, religious places, homes and restaurants around the country

KFC has launched a sunscreen which smells like their infamous fried chicken.