#WeeklyRoundUp: Food Stories You Might Have Missed in August


So much happens in the world of food on a daily basis and sometimes it’s difficult to cover everything, so if we missed anything, we’ll add it to our weekly round-up and give you the lowdown on everything food related happening in India and around the world. From startups getting new funding to established brands expanding into new businesses, rebranding and revamping of popular brands and names, we’re covering everything that you might have missed out on.

We’re bringing you the brief versions of the big stories.

Worms Found In McDonald’s Burgers in Kentucky, USA

Fast food has always produced weird results when unwrapping or taking a closer look at food. There have been rats and razors found cooked in the burgers or chicken. But this is at a whole new level. Two women in Kentucky discovered worms in their burgers, crawling out of the lettuce that was part of the burger. Both women took pictures of the worms and posted them on Facebook and after sending the women gift cards, McDonald’s issued a statement: “Food quality and safety are a top priority for us. We will continue to take all appropriate measures to gather all facts and resolve the matter.”

Both locations were then inspected by health officials and no problems were uncovered.

Japan Is Going Crazy For Purple Potato Ice Cream

Despite the way it sounds, Purple Potato Ice Cream is actually quite gorgeous. Known as Murasaki Imo, this ice cream is being offered for a limited time at Häagen-Dazs Japan. It hasn’t been available in any of the outlets since 2013, when it was launched earlier and became an instant hit.


The ice cream is, “said to contain the gentle sweetness of purple potato in the ice cream, with the addition of a purple potato sauce giving it the appearance of an adzuki red bean topping you’d usually find on a traditional Japanese sweet,” reports RocketNews.

Lavazza India Launches A Coffee Training Centre In India

Lavazza India, the Indian wing of Lavazza an internationally renowned coffee brand has launched its first training centre in India in Chennai. The centre will provide training in coffee knowledge to baristas, bartenders, caterers as well as regular customers.

In a statement to reportors after the inauguration of the 800 square feet centre, Mauro Mantovani, the group’s chief commercial officer of Lavazza said “With the growing network of training centres around the world and since it is the largest coffee study center of its kind, we shall bring the world class Italian coffee culture of Lavazza to Indian coffee lovers.”

Scotland Launches Food Fraud Hotline to Ward Off Criminals

Food Standards Scotland has launched a 24/7 food fraud hotline “to help regulators and police tackle criminal activity in the supply chain, as well as protect the food sector’s reputation abroad,” Food Navigator reported. This service will also add the Scottish Food Crime and Incident Unit.

Consumers and industry professionals alike will be able to anonymously report any suspicious activity. “We’re at the stage now where we can be much more directed by the intelligence we receive,” FSS chief executive Geoff Ogle said. “The difficulty will be getting the intelligence.”

Other stories you might have missed:

– McDonald’s launches its first vegetarian burger in Singapore!

– SauceKart brings the delicious and spicy Sriracha Sauce to India

– Online grocers, Zapmart, is looking to rope in almost $10 million in Series A funding

– ITC Foods launches new flavour of Bingo! Tangles – Masala Cheese

– Food delivery service, Runnr, has raised $7 million in funding from investors