This Week, Check Out Any Or All Of These Best Restaurants In Anna Nagar

Chennai is a city that is full of excitement, food and events that totally blow our minds. It’s very rare that you’ll find a part of the city that has just about everything you can ask for. Anna Nagar is that portion of the city. It’s split into East and West – because there’s just so much of it contain to one area, obviously – and both sides have enough and more restaurants that you will need a month or a year maybe to cover every single one. Sure, our list isn’t made up of a 100 restaurants you need to visit, but there are quite a few and you cannot miss out on them in any way.

If you think we’ve missed one of your favourite restaurants, do let us know in the comments below!

Pantry d’or


Want somewhere to eat breakfast this weekend, Pantry d’Or is where you should go. You can get a breakfast platter that comes with a whole list of great dishes, including hash browns, eggs made to order and sausages and more!



As the name would suggest, it’s a themed restaurant with a twist. It’s got scary decor and dark spaces that just make this place seem like it’s haunted more than it actually is.

Savoury Sea Shell


A household name in the city, Savoury Sea Shell serves pretty much everything under the sun. They have Arabian food, South Indian dishes, Chinese and so much more. Think of it as your one-stop shop for food.

Coco Jaunt 1728


Known for their desserts and bakery items, this café also has sandwiches and toasties on their menu. It’s your typical café with a combination of foods to choose from and desserts that you’ll want from the moment you walk through that door.



Kickass burgers anyone? Because this joint has just that and more. Plus, they’re open really late and it would be a mistake to miss out on a restaurant that not only serves great food, but will do so till 4am!

Brick House Bistro


In the mood for burgers? They’ve got everything you could ask for – beef, chicken and even paneer for the vegetarians. It’s your typical All-American joint with great food and drinks to choose from.

Roll Over


If you haven’t heard about the ice cream rolls yet, then you’re missing out. A Thai ice cream creation, these ice cream rolls have finally arrived in Chennai. And for those in Anna Nagar, you can get a whole bunch of flavours from Roll Over. Read about our visit here.

Double Roti


Since they opened their doors in Teynampet almost three years ago, Double Roti has tripled in restaurants and they’ve added to their menu. Now they’ve gone from being a place to get awesome burgers to being a restaurant to get awesome food. Period.

Jonah’s Bistro


Jonah’s going everywhere! And in Anna Nagar, he’s going to the West Coast (of India, not the world), so you’re in for a South Indian treat. Cuisines from Kerala and Goa, plus you’ve got lots of continental options to choose from. They even have Eggless Tender Coconut Mousse!

The 90’s Cafe


The new kid on the block is this spot, where they’ve got an entire wall dedicated to cartoons and comics from the 90’s! Started by a group of friends, this new restaurant has burgers, milkshakes and so much more to offer!

Asian Station


Are you excited about Chinese food? Because this new restaurant in the area might just be where you need to go. Then again, it’s more than just Chinese food on their menu, so get everything your heart desires.


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