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Is a Weed-Infused Ice Cream Ben & Jerry’s next big flavour?


Hey, give me a hit of that cone!

The ice cream tycoons of Ben & Jerry’s, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield have said they would consider creating a marijuana-infused ice cream, provided it’s legal of course. They do have some quirky flavours but this could be the quirkiest of them all.

“Makes sense to me. You know, combine your pleasures,” co-founder Ben Cohen said in an interview with HuffPost Live that’s been buzzing among marijuana aficionados since it aired last month.

Co-founder Jerry Greenfield noted that the duo has some experience with, um, substances. And the company have already sort of showed their support for marijuana culture with flavour names such as “Half Baked.”

We think the future weed-ice cream should be called – “Fully Baked.”

Watch the moguls give their stand in the interview below