We Will Never Get Over This Chocolate

KitKat has dropped something new, and you might want to sit down for this. Known worldwide as the Kit Kat Chocolatory Gateau Mignon, this has a soft and chewy piece of chocolate cake inside the top layer. Yes, we know,  that’s what you call heaven.

The Kit Kat Chocolatory Gateau Mignon has been created to mark the re-opening of the flagship Chocolatory store and cafe in Tokyo’s upmarket Ginza district. And here is the worst part, it’s only available in Tokyo. As much as we wouldn’t mind buying a ticket to Japan just for this, our bank account makes it pretty impossible.

It took Japanese patissier, Yasumasa Takagi, almost a year to bring out this fondant chocolate cake with the perfect amount of texture and work in harmony with the other ingredients. Also, the packaging of the product is on point.Priced at 1,458 yen which is almost 8000 in INR, this is definitely something we wouldn’t mind getting our hands on. But getting our hands to Japan is something we haven’t figure out.

Also,  Kit Kat Chocolatory Parfait, which combines a special chocolate fondant and pieces of fresh fruit with three types of ice cream and three fruit-flavoured Kit Kats for a creamy and refreshing dessert are also available at the store. In addition to that, exclusive Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Original Message service,  that lets the customers create personalised messages on the surface of Sublime brand Kit Kats, which can be gifted to your loved ones.