We Are Taking A Leaf Out Of Chef Gautam Mehrishi’s Recipe Book This Navaratri

Are you looking for some delicious and healthy dishes for this Navaratri? Tired of searching for recipes? Then we have something you definitely don’t want to miss! 

Let us introduce you to 100% Veg- Health ka Dose on Living Foodz, your perfect companion to hearty, delicious vegetarian meals! After the phenomenal success of season 1, Chef Gautam Mehrishi is back with the latest season of the show which will unravel recipes centred around 13 unique themes. The 39 episode series will include dishes around festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Navratri and Dussehra, saatvik food, etc. Other themes include a kid’s special episode, baking, recipes derived from Ayurveda, vegan meals, recipes interspersed with herbs and dishes prepared using seeds, leftover food etc. During the course of the show, Chef Gautam explores a creative mix of traditional and modern styles of cooking including curating dishes on the “chuhla” (earthen pot) in the Herb Special episode.

For this Navaratri, we have three delicious recipes from Chef Gautam Mehrishi that you can easily make at home! So, what are you waiting for? Start cooking!

Makhane Ki Kadi Recipe

Chef Gautam Mehrishi’s perfect recipe to make excellent Makhane Ki Kadi, a thin yoghurt based gravy with toasted lotus seed, is perfect for your Navaratri celebration.

Vrat Ki Kachori Recipe

Get that perfect Kachori with this recipe straight from the chef’s book!

 Rishipancham Bhaji Recipe

Make delicious Rishipancham Bhaji for this Navaratri with this easy recipe from Chef Gautam Mehrishi.


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