Watson’s Becomes The First Bar To Launch Its Own Comic Series – Bar Banter

Ever been intrigued by the small snippets of conversations you overhear in passing at your favorite drinking scene? Well, that’s exactly what the folks at Watson’s felt as well! They recently launched their own comic series – Bar Banter – based on interesting conversations one would hear at the bar. In fact, Watson’s is the first bar to launch its own comic series.

Watson’s recently celebrated turning five and has introduced a new look in the form of a logo change. Previously known as Watson’s – The Grub Pub, the they’re Watson’s – The Neighbourhood Bar. The name change inculcates how much Watson’s resonates with the local community, and showcases the friendly vibe indicative of old school hangouts!

Speaking on the launch of this comic series Amit Roy, Partner – Shilton Hospitality said, “Humour is the best way to break the ice in any conversation – in person, on the phone or on messages. Taking this further, we wanted to create a fun way to engage with our consumers. Hence we introduced Bar Banter.”

He added, “One cannot even image the conversations taking place at the bar. Our staff hears a variety of discussions every minute – from new business plans, friends having fun, couples dating – the list goes on and on. We took these inputs from our team, added a comic element and have presented it to you as Bar Banter. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to follow the comic series.”