Watch This Street Vendor In Delhi Fry Fish In Hot Oil With His Bare Hands

When I was young, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen watching my mom cook. I was always amazed at the speed in which she managed to finish an entire meal for 10, or the way she used her hands to flip the chapatti on the pan. She never even flinched, while I ran away from a hot pan with the force of the wind. 

But this chef in Delhi has taken it to a whole other level. Mr. Prem Kumar, 65, who is the chef at Ganesh street restaurant makes seafood to order and when he needs to picks up the fish with his bare hand from the boiling hot oil. 

No, it isn’t a magic trick. Kumar has built a high tolerance for heat. According to Kumar, it runs in the family, as it was a skill his father had. He picked it up by mimicking what his dad did, and even though he felt a little heat at first he eventually got used to it. 

Kumar also goes on to say that most people who come in to his restaurant are freaked out by his magical ability and constantly ask him to dip his hand. He also hopes that his son will continue the tradition. Well, here’s hoping his son will be safe. 

Watch the fascinating video below.