Watch Stephen Colbert Attend This Baseball Game As A Hot Dog Vendor


We all know Stephen Colbert. Yeah, the guy from The Late Show whom you’ve hardly seen in anything but proper suit-and-tie. Well, guess that’s about to change. Because recently the TV show host showed up at a Major League baseball game disguised as a hot dog vendor.

Now, anyone who has been to any baseball game would know that the major attractions are the refreshments. C’mon, there is nothing more inviting than hot dog and beer out of the food vendors’ tin carrier! And there is certainly nothing more inviting than Stephen Colbert walking around Wrigley Field – Home of The Chicago Cubs – with the tin carrier slung around him. Because, why not?

imrsImage: Washington Post

Colbert, like a true artist, did his research before the stint. He met a veteran hot dog vendor before stepping into the stands. What follows next is the TV host dressed in full vendor garb, wig and goatee, handing out a series of tongue-in-cheek innuendos, painfully poor hot dog throws and some creamy beer (ugh!). All in all, Colbert totally has an alternate career up his sleeve.

Watch the full video below to find out how Colbert fared as a hot dog vendor.



P.S. Am I the only one who thinks that Colbert the vendor looked an awful lot like Robert Downey Jr.?


Feature Image: hellogiggles