Watch Restaurateur And Chef Balaji Of Salt Restaurant Make A Delightful Prawn Curry

Bangaluru || Feature : Prawn Curry Recipe by Chef Balaji of Salt Restaurant

Curries are a treasured staple in Indian cuisine and no meal here is ever complete without a hearty curry. Indian food boasts of a wide variety of curries that go from super spicy to super creamy, all of which are made to go perfectly well with that basket of warm Indian breads or that bowl of hot, steamed rice. Indian curries are rich in flavour and are very fragrant too, making it a dish that is enjoyed across different parts of the world too. 

Chef Balaji of Salt Restaurants shows us how to make a delicious and flavourful Indian-style prawn curry with a beautiful blend of spices and ingredients which you’re sure to already have in your pantry at home. This prawn curry is based with coconut milk and is a real treat to enjoy with the flavours of the prawns, and masala mix coming together so well. 

Watch how Chef Balaji makes this aromatic curry in a few simple and easy-to-follow steps.



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