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Watch Justin Timberlake Stir up a Tequila Cocktail for Jimmy Fallon


The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is one of our favourite shows on TV. From lip-syncing with Emma Stone to rapping with Daniel Radcliff, Jimmy Fallon has given us amazing moments showcasing the talents of our favourite stars. 

This week, Jimmy Fallon had Justin Timberlake come in to demonstrate a talent that is slightly different from what we are normally used to from the celebrity star. JT came in to teach Jimmy how to make a Tequila cocktail. Yes, that’s right, the hot celeb can make you drinks as well! More brownie points to him. The cocktail is called The Fallon – in honour of Jimmy Fallon, of course and while Justin doesn’t actually do the heavy lifting (he brought tall, Australian Eddy to do it), he did stir extremely well and looked good while doing it. 

The cocktail which features jalapeño-infused tequila and maple syrup and did we also mention that JT does a stunningly close impression of Jimmy Fallon. Watch the video right here!