Watch What Happened When Matt Stonie Drank The LARGEST Pumpkin Spice Latte!

It is the season for outrageous. It’s that time of the year when we’re trippin’ on the holiday season, mad challenges, and crazy calories so hard that we’ll go ahead and do just about anything. From rolling out Oreo Candy Bars, launch a Sriracha Lexus, whipping up Nutella-Stuffed Fried Twinkies, and now guzzling down a mug of coffee bigger than the human head!

Yes, hardcore foodie Matt Stonie just drank more pumpkin spice latte in one sitting than you have in this entire month! The YouTube star took on the challenge of drinking up the world’s largest pumpkin spice latte! So how large really is the “largest” pumpkin spice latte? Well, it’s seven-venti-sized-lattes-put-together large. And no, he didn’t just drink one latter after the other. Stonie put together the seven venti lattes in one massive mug – which we’re sure was picked up from Steven Spielberg’s Big Friendly Giant sets. This was then topped with a plush bed of whipped cream dusted with pumpkin pie spice, because let’s be real. What’s a pumpkin spice latte without the cream and holiday calories, right?screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-6-22-47-pm

The sound of the entire challenge will have anyone reaching out for the bucket. But not Matt Stonie. The guy who has been known to eat food fit to feed an entire army, lapped up the giant beverage (yes he scooped up the cream as well) in just two minutes – 1 minute 54 seconds and 17 milliseconds, to be exact.

The speed also came from a lot of Matt’s viewers complaining that he “didn’t do thing fast enough”. But, whoa! Now, we don’t know whether Matt took the challenge just to get his fill of pumpkin spice lattes before the season was over or to top up on calories, but he did it. Have a look.

HOW?! And WHY?!

Also, all that caffeine. We can only begin to imagine how jumpy Stonie’s day would have been after this crazy challenge!


Images: YouTube | Matt Stonie