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Wasting food in France? You could go to Jail for that


Wasters ain’t gonna waste, waste, waste, waste. 

We’d done a story earlier in May about how France may be the first to pass the law about supermarkets wasting surplus food. And now, we salute France’s stand on the same- We have a law! 

Super Wasters:

Supermarkets have been throwing out surplus and/or spoiled food for ages now. And it’s more or less the same in every nation. Food that’s not necessarily spoiled, yet, is thrown out anyway. Many homeless and hungry rummage through bins for food, and supermarkets are in the habit of pouring bleach or locking the discarded food in warehouses. The newly passed law prevents the stores from doing just that. The law came into being after a petition was launched by a group of anti-poverty campaigners led by Councillor Arash Derambarsh.

Thus, with the new law, Supermarkets are to make donations to charities and food banks, failing which they could face a fine of $75,000 and a jail term of 2 years. Now that’s how it’s done.


According to Guillaume Garot, a Socialist MP who helped frame the new measures, mean“France will become the leading country in Europe” in combating food waste.

France as a country, wastes over 21 % or 7 million tons of food purchased. This law covers only supermarkets but marks the beginning of cutting down food wastage in cafes, bakeries restaurants and even homes.