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Washington Apple Launches An A-peel-ing Cook Book


As a child, I didn’t really enjoy the taste of the ‘sandy’ apple (nineties kids you’ll know what I’m talking about). Imagine my joy when I reached the solemn old age of twelve years old (don’t laugh, I’d always aspired to be ‘almost a teen’) and was privileged to partake of the delightful crunch of the Washington Apple. Never mind that the imported fruit cost almost twice as much as its Indian counterpart, I was hooked!

So, you can imagine my excitement when the Washington Apple Commission announced, that, on the occasion of World Health Day, that they were launching the Washington Apple Cook Book in association with Grehlakshmi magazine in New Delhi. Apart from highlighting the benefits of Washington apples, the book provides a vast conglomeration of one of a kind apple recipes from both celebrity and home chefs. It also emphasizes on why the original health fruit should be a part of everyone’s daily lifestyle. We know! An apple a day keeps the doctor away (or so I told my mother to convince her to maintain my habit).

If you thought the day couldn’t get any better,  the WAC also organized an exciting cooking competition to showcase the versatility and usage of apples in various dishes. 10 lucky chefs were chosen to present plated Washington apple recipes. This was further narrowed down to 4 finalists who participated in the mystery cookery box challenge (every MasterChef fan’s dream!).

Chef Ritu Aggarwal presented a Cold Washington Apple Pizza and walked away a proud winner.

Keith Sunderlal, India Representative, WAC said that they are happy to collaborate with Grehlakshmi to launch the Washington Apple Cook Book. The book is a synonym to good health and wellbeing clubbed with some unique recipes that can add a dash of magic to one’s kitchen. It not only showcases several health benefits of Washington apples but also how they play an important role in our daily diet. This is in the hope that WAC will gain a larger audience in India.  

I for one, am exceedingly grateful for the liberalization of imports in India because it helped me realize my dream of witnessing my sibling bite into an apple only to realize their wobbly milk tooth had remained. Of course, I am partial to a good apple crumble (who isn’t) I don’t even mind apples in a salad. So, needless to say, WAC has got at least one satisfied customer!

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