January 10, 2017

We Want In On Viola Davis & Meryl Streep’s Apple Pie-Collard Green Joke!

The 74th Golden Globes Awards still has us all reeling in awe of its glamour and brilliance. The star-studded awards night saw a number of stunning red-carpet appearances and some chilling acceptance speeches, one of which was preceded by a food-filled introductory monologue by actress Viola Davis.

Davis who was on stage to present Meryl Streep with the Lifetime Achievement Award, gave audiences a peek into the person that Streep is in real life. Or so we think. The Fences actress (who also received an award for the same) reenacted a dialogue between Streep and herself, and we’re not sure what to make of it. Except that the fiesty Devil Wears Prada lady is a major badass and can slay like a queen. And that Viola Davis makes excellent Collard Greens.

APTOPIX The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ShowImage: ew.com


Here’s how the conversation – as told by Davis – between the two ladies went:

Streep: “What’d you do last night Viola?”

Davis: “Oh, I cooked an apple pie.”

Streep: “Did you use Pippin apples?”

Davis: “Pippin apples, What the hell is Pippin apples? I used Granny Smith apples.”

Streep: “Did you make your own crust?”

Davis: “No, I used store bought crust. That’s what I did.”

Streep: “Then you didn’t make an apple pie, Viola.”

Davis: “Well that’s because I spent all my time making collard greens! I make the best collard greens. I use smoked turkey, chicken stock and my special BBQ sauce. Silence. I shut her down.”

Streep: “Well, they don’t taste right unless you use ham hocks. If you don’t use ham hocks, it doesn’t taste the same.”


Yes, we are as confused as you are right now and desperately want in on that joke/masked conversation! Twitteratis were as dumbfounded as we are right now:

But it’s safe to say that Meryl Streep’s groundbreaking acceptance speech washed over any confusion to give way to major chills and boss lady goals!


Feature Image (L-R): People; NBC News

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