Want Unlimited Pizza? Head Over To North Campus & Hop On A Rickshaw

The only thing better than pizza is unlimited pizza. And guess what? Domino’s is offering just that with a treasure hunt in Delhi’s popular university area, North Campus. Event curator MYOLO along with Domino’s is organizing a supremely Delhi-style Amazing Race complete with exciting tasks and dares. All you need to do is book a spot and be there with your squad!

If you know the in and out of Delhi’s North Campus area then this hunt is just for you. Of course you need the dare-devil braveries to let it all go and do the craziest things in public and seamless energy to race around the neighbourhood – sometimes on food and occasionally on a rickshaw or tuk tuk.

Want Unlimited Pizza? Head Over To North Campus & Hop On A RickshawImage: LBB

And as promised, the prize waiting at the end will be a supply of free Domino’s pizza. For four months, no less! However, not everyone can bag the pizza prize, but there will be other exciting gifts including movie tickets for the team and/or an exclusive pass to MYOLO’s next event. It’s a win win for all!

But you have to make a move soon because there are only 50 slots to fill, which will be divided into roughly 15 teams. Buy your tickets here and to know more about the treasure hunt, look up the event details on Facebook here.


Date: Saturday, 12th August

Time: 12pm onwards

Venue: North Campus, Delhi

Entry Fee: INR 299 per head


Feature Image: MyInfoCart