Want Starbucks Food At A Lower Price? Go One Hour Before They Close!

We all enjoy the occasional treat at Starbucks from time to time, but we’ve also got to face the reality – it’s not exactly cheap. However, Starbucks in the UK is slashing their food prices by 50% in the last hour before they close in over 350 stores. This is in a move to combat the massive food waste that occurs daily and results in millions of pounds wasted every year.

According to The Sun, the sale of each item will then be donated to Action Against Hunger, a charity that supports malnourished children. It comes after a successful trial in 16 Starbucks stores in Manchester earlier this year, which raised over £1,500 from sales over 11 weeks.

Want Starbucks Food At A Lower Price? Go One Hour Before They Close!

Simon Redfern, head of communications at Starbucks Europe said tackling a challenge like food waste is not an easy one.

“Off the back of the success of our Manchester trial, we’re pleased to roll out this programme to the rest of our company owned British stores, and will be working with our franchise partners to see where else this programme could work as well,” he added.

While Starbucks hasn’t released a list of the participating stores (only 350 out of 800 outlets are participating in the programme) the next time you feel like doing your bit to combat food waste and get a bite at a bargain, head over to your nearest Starbucks an hour before they close. Fingers crossed, you’ll get it half off!