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Crave Some Snacks? Turn To Znack !


It’s a beautiful evening, and you are stuck in traffic, craving some amazing crispy samosa from your favourite shop or it’s your mother’s birthday, and you have forgotten to buy her favourite sweets, and now it’s too late for you to go out and buy. This is where Znack comes in to save you! Wherever you are, Znack has got you covered.

An online platform that connects its customers with the sweet stores, inspired by the idea of having a sweet and quick bites delivery system that is not confined to the area around the customer, Znack promise the best to its customers. With Znack, you can order the sweet or snack of your choice anywhere from the city. It does not matter if you are in Nungabakkam and the sweet shop is in Thiruvanmiyur. You will get the sweet that you desire. In just a matter of time.

Now that you know what you have to do when you are craving for sweets, let us make this even sweeter and better for you. All of us are familiar with the panic that hit us when we are in charge of taking care of the cake, whether it is an office party or a birthday party, the panic is still the same. Don’t worry; Znack has got you covered over there too. Right from the cake, to the snack and down to the juices, Znack will get everything you want right there.

It does not matter if it’s Diwali or Rakshabhandan, you can always find the sweets that you seek thanks to Znack. Gift your loved ones the sweets they love. Moreover, a regularly updated menu on Znack app will help you to keep in touch with the popular and latest trends in the market. If you really do not like waiting for your food in long queues, just order on your way to store, and you can just pick it up at the store.

So, we got your attention. Now, let us tell you in brief how to place your order on the Znack app. Once you have downloaded your app on the phone, set your location. Select the sweet shop you wish to buy from. Once you are done with choosing what you want to buy, proceed to check out. Provide your address and select the mode of payment that you want. The next step involves you sitting comfortably and waiting for your desired snack or sweet, which would be delivered in a matter of time. The delivery slots are from 9 AM to 11 PM, and you can order what you want anytime between these slots.

The next time hunger pangs hit you, you know where to look for the food. Also, we know that sometimes you forget to buy the cake for the midnight birthday party and that’s why Znack is coming up soon with midnight cake delivery. No party is a party without a cake!