Want To Improve The Taste Of Airplane Food? Plug In Your Headphones

It’s a universally accepted fact that if you’re flying on a plane, the food will be terrible. No matter the airline, there are various reasons why plane food is unappetising and unappealing.

The Reasons Behind The Taste

According to research, when we’re 35,000 feet above the ground, our senses go for a toss. You probably notice that when your ears get blocked, but scientists say that the first sense affected is the sense of taste. As you climb higher, your taste buds become less sensitive, making food which would have been applauded in a fine dining restaurant a sub-par meal.

Additionally, airplane food goes from a catering kitchen to the plane’s hold into s microwave before its eventually served to you. The many hours it spends in transportation and temperature controlled areas saps much of its taste.

Finally, the condition of plane cabins itself contribute to passenger discomfort , high cabin pressure, dry air and the continuous noise from the engines take away from our meal experience

What Can You Do?

According to Professor Spencer, a lecturer at Oxford University, wearing noise cancelling headphones can drown out the noise of the engines and help make the food taste better.

Or, one can play recurrent soundscapes with high pitched notes, which have been found to make food taste upto 10% sweeter; conversely, low pitched notes can make it taste more bitter.

What with the summer holidays and lots of plane travel right around the corner, this news couldn’t have come at a better time; are you going to give it a try?