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Walmart Is Testing Having Food Delivered In Fridge But People Aren’t So Sure


There’s no denying that apps have made our lives a whole lot easier. There’s rarely a reason to go to the grocery store or pick up dinner as you can have it delivered to your doorstep. However, Walmart is taking things one step further with in-fridge delivery which, understandably, people aren’t fully on board with.

Walmart recently announced this news in a blog post, explaining that it’s currently testing the idea in Silicon Valley. So how exactly is this “in-fridge delivery” operating during the testing phase? After customers place an order on, a driver retrieves the items and brings them to their home.

If no one answers the doorbell, he or she will use a one-time passcode to enter, upon which the homeowner receives a notification and has the option to watch the whole delivery happen in real time with provided cameras. Once the delivery person unloads the groceries into the fridge, they leave and the door automatically locks.

While it certainly sounds convenient, it would also require an enormous amount of trust in the delivery executive as well as stringent background checks from Walmart’s side. A poll showed that a vast majority of Americans actually wouldn’t try the service themselves.

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