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Walmart Is Giving Away Free Cupcakes To Every Customer This Sunday: Here’s Why


If you’re in the mood for free cupcakes this weekend (who ever isn’t?) head to Walmart on Sunday between noon to 4 pm to score. According to a statement from the major supermarket chain, it will be giving customers free cupcakes at its Supercentre locations this Sunday.

Birthday Cupcakes For An Un-birthday

The store will be dishing out one free chocolate or vanilla cupcake per customer on Sunday; the cupcakes are topped with white buttercream and whipped ice cream and made using the same recipe Walmart makes its birthday cakes with.

“Birthdays are a big deal,” Walmart said in a statement. “Everyone has one, and Walmart is the destination for everything you need to put together the best birthday ever.” The company has affir ed that even if it isn’t your birthday, you’ll still receive a free cupcake.