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Walmart Employees Accuse Shopper Of Stealing And Were Proved Wrong


Walmart has a loss prevention team at their stores which checks receipts of the customers at the gates so that nothing goes unpaid for. However, in the case of Gina Lescarbeau it turned out to be a horrible experience.

The loss prevention team of two of Walmart at Burnsville in Minnesota were somehow convinced that the lady shopper hadn’t paid up for her groceries. To be more precise, they were suspicious of the Lion King toy she bought.

Kenny Swanson-Peck a part of this duo team claimed that the toy she bought was worth $15 and Lescarbeau said she paid $7 which in fact was the truth. Swanson-Peck and his co-worker Thomas Ewalt did some price checking and found they were at fault. This followed a stream of cussing by the shopper who was furious at their unapologetic behaviour.