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Walk Through Cocktail Fumes At the Alcoholic Architecture Bar In London 


Has a cocktail ever been so good that you’ve practically inhaled it? Head to London and you can literally inhale alcohol at Bompas & Parr’s Alcoholic Architecture bar, a bar that allows people to breathe in an alcoholic mist that will intoxicate them. 

At the Alcoholic Architecture bar a humidifier is used to saturate the air with a cloud of spirits. According to Bompas & Parr, visitors will consume 40% less alcohol by having it in this manner. They also describe the bar as the “world’s first alcoholic weather system for your tongue, where meteorology and mixology collide.” 

The bar, which opens later this month, will consist of air filled with alcohols created by monks, as it is located on the site of an old monastery. In keeping with the monastery traditions, customers will be expected to wear a cape with a hood in the bar. Of course, this will also protect their clothes and hair from getting damp. 

Before you get too excited, we should tell you that each customer is limited to only one hour at the Alcohol Architecture bar per night. You’d better make it count by breathing in all the air you can!