The Wait is Over: Blue Frog takes a Leap to Bangalore

We aren’t kidding. We know, we can barely contain ourselves either. The legendary Blue Frog of Mumbai and Pune fame is finally here. Right in Namma Bengaluru. 

Excuse us, we are going to jig around for a bit. 

Where is it? 

It’s located at #3 Church Street which is in the old heart of the city, with central shopping and loads of new FnB outlets in the area – read Church Street Social and The Only Place. The club boasts a large area of about 7000 sq ft, which can accommodate over 350 people on packed gig-nights. The main bar is about 40ft in length making it the top ten largest bars in the city.

Genres of music range from jazz, blues, funk, soul and Afro/Latin to electronic, club, rock, folk and a lot more. It also encourages musical theater performances as well as stand-up comedy, poetry and film nights.

What more in store?

Now for the more exciting part. To commemorate their first weekend in Bengaluru, Blue Frog has got something special for us. It’s the Dub Pistols. Yes, THE Dub Pistols. You know, the guys who provided the soundtrack for Bad Boys 2, Bad Company and Mystery Men. They also happen to be pretty good at electronic music. 

One of the true survivors of their genre, they started out in 1990s, yet selling out nationwide tours, delivering what was expected of them and more. Chewing up hip-hop, dub, techno, ska, punk and spitting them out in a renegade futuristic skank, they have consistently defied genres and exceeded the highest of expectations.

Could we ask for a better start to the legendary Blue Frog? See you there next weekend!

When: 19th June 

Where: THE BLUE FROG, #3 Church Street

Time: 8 pm 

Booking Link: