Wahlburgers Launch Impossible Burgers At Outlets Across The US


Impossible Foods are famous for their ‘bleeding’ burgers with patties and other ingredients completely being plant-based. But they bleed and taste like meaty burgers and has caught attention of the Wahlburgers who have incorporated them in their menu, reports Food Beast.

Bleeding Burgers On The Menu

The reality TV show on A&E, Wahlburgers has done a feature on Impossible Burgers last year where Chef Paul Wahlberg tried the bleeding vegan patty. He sent across a few for his brother Mark and it became a hit in the family. This eventually led to them incorporating the Impossible Burgers in their menu.


The burger of course has been slightly modified with Wahlburgers’ version that has smoked cheddar, lettuce, caramelized onions, chili spiced tomatoes, one-quarter pound patty and the signature Wahl sauce from the fast food chain. Beginning with Boston last year, the Impossible Burgers are on the menus across the US outlets of Wahlburgers.


Image Source – Impossible Foods