Waf Bites, K.K Nagar Joins Chennai’s Burgeoning List Of Waffle Joints

Waffles are the talk of the town these days with new places popping up all over the city offering new flavors and combinations that more than satisfy our sweet cravings. The newest on that list is Waf Bites, K.K Nagar the first waffle joint in the neighborhood which is predominantly a residential area.

Aiming to cater to what the crowd wants most, the husband and wife duo Dhivya and Labieswaran, a graphic designer and an event manager by profession respectively, decided to open a place that focuses on waffles, one of the most talked about desserts in recent times. Serving purely vegetarian Belgian waffles and bubble waffles, Waf Bites recognizes the need for vegetarian options for those with a sweet tooth. “We wanted to give our visitors something that’s not available in the area and something different,” says Dhivya.

Superheroes everywhere

As we look around the superhero-studded walls of the one-month-old joint, we can’t help but feel like taking a selfie or two. There’s a line of Marvel heroes on one wall and Hulk smashing out of another. The place has limited seating owing to space constraints but if you’re looking for a quick bite or craving for a good pocket waffle, the place is perfect for a grab and go.

Moving on to the waffles and beverages they serve, which in line with the theme are also segmented off under superhero-themed ranges, Dark Knight Waffles and Thirsty Thor-y Bobas, for example. We first try their Rocky Road, chocolate waffle with milk and white chocolate sauces, vanilla ice cream, Oreo crumble and nuts. The white chocolate adds to the deliciousness of the chocolate waffle, making it perfect for those who like their waffles not wholly chocolatey.

We try one of their charcoal waffles next, the Salted Caramel, a simple pairing of a charcoal base and salted caramel toppings. An interesting combination to begin with, the gooey caramel topping goes beautifully with the sweetness of the waffle.

Savory and sweet

Waf Bites also have a couple of savory waffles and we go for the Pizza Waffy, which we hear already has its own fans following. Made with a savory waffle base, spicy pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese, it is so yummy that we could definitely get used to this version of pizza, no problem!

How could we be at a waffle joint and not try the popular street food from Hong Kong, the bubble waffles? We choose the Scarlet Strawberry Bubble Waffle, a colorful bubble waffle variety made with tutti frutti waffle base, strawberry ice cream, marshmallows, sprinkles, and jellies. Perfect for a hardcore sweet tooth, especially those looking for fruity flavors.

If you’re one among those who would hunt down waffle joints no matter where you are, give Waf Bites and yummy waffles a try.


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