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Chutney, a.k.a. dip or sauce, is a vital part of Indian cuisine. The spicy/tangy/sweet side finds its way into a number of platters and lights it up like no other food can. Known by different names like pachadi, thuvayal, etc. in different regions of the country, the side is an integral part of dishes like pakoda, dahi vada, samosa, chips, kebabs, et al. chutneys are widely available in the market, but there is none as delicious as the ones whipped up at home. Here are some awesome chutney recipes that you could spice up your food with.

The condiment can be made with a variety of ingredients available in the fruits, vegetable and spice markets. Right from a simple dhaniya (coriander) and pudina (mint) to a fancy coconut and tamarind, the chutney list goes on. Additionally, there are also non-vegetarian chutneys made with dried fish, chicken, and the likes but we shall concentrate on the typical ones mentioned below. Vote for your favourite out of this list!

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