Vivacious Sunday Brunch Experience At Mia Cucina

Vivacious Sunday Brunch Experience At Mia Cucina

‘Mama Mia’ was what our verdict was on a delish, summery Sunday brunch at Mia Cucina. With cocktails that rejuvenate you from the humid heat of Mumbai to light yet flavourful brunch options, this place is a must visit on a Sunday. The live band just like the food is sure to blow your socks off.

Brunching Done Right

We kept is simple for our brunch at Mia Cucina which is located in a popular shopping area in Bandra. As we sipped on our Mango Collins, a potent yet refreshing cocktail we couldn’t help but notice the vivacious mood of the place. The live band was on in full swing and the stand out was the melodious voice of the singer. As we seeped it all in our Pizza Verdura was on the table and it looked oh so good! Topped with roasted vegetables, olives, jalapeno and just the right amount of mozzarella, we deem it one of the best pizzas in the city.

We also picked a Tortino Di Verdura E Piatto from their Sunday Piatto section and went crazy after their amazing croissant. Fresh and crispy, this croissant was made by angels in the kitchen of Mia Cucina who also made the luscious herbed butter to go along with it. Once we had recovered from our obvious foodgasm we also enjoyed the vegetarian patty, potato wedges, a lovely salad and sauteed vegetables on the platter. We highly recommend this piatto and pizza verdura on your brunch visit.

Our restaurant visits are simply incomplete without a dessert and a Chocolate Semifreddo fulfilled that craving. It was simply exquisite and we’d love to come back on another Sunday just to repeat our order. Our raving ends here so you can begin reserving your table for this brunch real soon.


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