Have You Visited These Unusual Restaurants Across India?

If you want to do something offbeat this Diwali why not go on a food trail through India? No, we’re not talking about a regular food trail which would have you sampling biryani and kebabs in the North and idlis and dosas in the South. We’re talking about a trip across the country to eat at its most unusual restaurants:  

Nature’s Toilet Cafe


True to its name this Ahmedabad restaurant is surrounded by greenery and offers its patrons toilets to sit on. These urinals and lavatories date back to the 1950s. The aim is to spread the message about the importance of toilets.

New Lucky Restaurant


New Lucky Restaurant is another Ahmedabad oddity. Tables are set up next to tombs and gravestones; the restaurant is built upon a graveyard and the owner chose not to remove the grave but instead to build around them. It serves some great chai and bun maskas.

Kaidi Kitchen

If your marathon Netflix sessions of Orange Is The New Black has got you wondering what it would be like to eat in a jail hop on a plane to Chennai. Kaidi Kitchen is a jail themed pure vegetarian restaurant with staff dressed like inmates and jailers.

Tihar Food Court


If Kaidi Kitchen wasn’t enough to fulfill your jail fantasies head to Delhi where you can eat at an actual restaurant managed by prisoners serving sentences in Tihar Jail. Guests have maintained that the staff (which has included a murder or two) is extremely polite.

Dialogue In The Dark


Dialouge InThe Dark is a restaurant in Hydrebad’s Inorbit Mall. Before they enter, customers have their mobile phones and any other light emitting gadgets taken from then. They then proceed to have a meal completely in the dark, which heightens their sense as well as helps them appreciate the lives of the visually impaired.

The Bar Stock Exchange

This Mumbai chain of bars changes the price of drinks based on their demand, similar to how the stock market functions.