Visit Sriracha for an Independence Day Indulgence

Commemorate this Independence Day with Sriracha. In honor of celebrating 73 years of freedom, Sriracha has launched a unique tri-color dim sum menu, specially curated by Chef Vikas Seth. The significance of a dim sum is to show gratitude and lightly touch one’s heart and that is precisely what these dim sums at Sriracha will do.

Visit Sriracha for an Independence Day Indulgence

On the menu there is an array of delectable dim sums, each one made with natural carrot and spinach purees to create the patriotic pop of colors. There are a repertoire of options like the Star Chicken Dim Sum filled with mouth watering Sriracha Mayo Chicken, Schezwan Chili, Burnt Garlic Basil. For those seafood lovers there is the Crescent Shrimp Dim Sum packed with fresh Shrimp & Gari, Chili Basil, and Lemon Grass Chili. Last but not least, a yummy Tricolor Vegetarian Dim Sum with Black Pepper Chayote, Water Chestnuts and Pak Choi. Each dim sum is paired with a flavorful Mint Chili & Rice Vinegar Dip.

So, head to Sriracha this Independence Day and celebrate India’s freedom with a tricolour twist!

When: 15th-31ST August, 2019

Where: Sriracha Contemporary Asian Dining, UB City and Sriracha Robata & Contemporary Asian Dining, Indiranagar

Price: Rs. 235 onwards