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Visit These New Restaurants In Mumbai This Week


Mumbai, don’t allow the beginning of the week blues to get you down, because we’ve got a list of new restaurants that will make the week ahead seem infinitely more exciting. Better make your reservations fast; you can be sure hundreds of other foodies are just as eager to taste the city’s new eats!

The Village Shop


From the folks behind The Birdsong, a gourmet cafe in Bandra with a focus on health fare, comes another quaint eatery that serves breakfasts, lasagnes, stews, burgers and sandwiches.



In Mid-March, Navi Mumbai welcomed a beautiful Far East dining restaurant that serves brilliant sushi, dim sum and a range of Asian dishes. Check out our full review and video of our visit to Mibonasa here!

1 Tippling Place

Olive at Khar is hosting a bar pop up that serves signature cocktails like the Lavender 75, that combines gin, lemon, sparkling wine and lavender and the Penicillin which combines honey, ginger, lemon and Talisker. The pop up is only on until April 1st, so hurry!


This highly anticipated bar comes from the brains (and chefs) behind Masala Library and promises an enveloping cocktail experience with light eats accompanying them.

The American Joint


This new vegetarian eatery in BKC will focus on Indo-Western organic cuisine made using 100% organic fruits and vegetables. Stay tuned for a full review, coming soon!