Visit These 8 Places in Chennai for Deliciously Buttery Pav Bhaji


Most popular as a street food dish in Maharashtra, the Pav Bhaji has made its way into the hearts, tummies and menus of people all over the country. Some say that it is the perfect snack during the monsoons with a cup of chai by your side, others swear by it at any time of day or year. But what is most important is that it’s always going to be a delicious treat no matter what. What makes it really delicious is the amount of butter that is added into pretty much everything. The pav or the bread is lightly toasted and then buttered while hot so that when you pick it up, it’s absolutely perfect. The bhaji or the vegetables are cooked nicely and served as a thick gravy and then a dollop of butter is added just to make it even better.

Yes, yes, health freaks, it’s full of butter, but that’s what makes Pav Bhaji so popular and so tasty. And you can get this in so many places in the city of Chennai. So to help you find these places, we made a list. Take a look.

Sangeetha Veg Restaurant

Popular all over Chennai, Sangeetha has made a name for itself as a great place to get great South Indian breakfast and meals. Whether you’re looking for idli-sambar and dosa or pav bhaji, they have it.
Location : Adyar, T. Nagar, Egmore, RA Puram, Perambur & more


They’ve got great pav bhaji and on Sundays, they even have a Jain version which skips the onions and potatoes, but still retains the great taste.
Location: Egmore

Mid Street

If you’re not in the mood for regular pav bhaji, you can always get one that is loaded with even more delicious goodness by ordering yourself a Cheese Pav Bhaji at this joint. Cheese really does make the world go round.
Location: Mogappair


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Novelty Tea House

Everyone who has ever been to Novelty knows that they make fantastic Pav Bhaji and they don’t hold back on the butter either. So obviously you’re in for an absolute treat next time you visit them.
Location: Mylapore

BR Mathsya

Cheese Pav Bhaji or regular pav bhaji, they’ve got it all. And the best part is, it tastes almost as good as being in Mumbai and eating it with your friends.
Location: T. Nagar

Kailash Parbat

They are really good when it comes to vegetarian North Indian food, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that they’ve mastered the art of the perfect pav bhaji. Make a date with Kailash and head on over!
Location: Chetpet

Indiska Magic

Whether it’s Indian sweets or chaat, Indiska Magic has it all. So you know that they’ll make a hot plateo of pav bhaji that will help deal with these surprise showers.
Location: Chetpet

Mansukh Sweets & Snacks

Started by a Gujarati family many years ago, Mansukh is a great place to get North Indian sweets and popular dishes. So obviously they’ve got pav bhaji as well!
Location: T. Nagar

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