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Los Angeles

This Virtual Reality Project is going to make you think you’re having a delicious steak.


But in fact, you are having a jelly-like blob.

This lump that you would happily consume thinking it’s a fancy steak, is actually made of agar, pectin, konjac and gum Arabic. Project Nourished aims at giving you the meal to satisfy your craving while eliminating the chances of you becoming fat or having cholesterol. Brainstormed by Kokiri Lab in L.A, it has taken ‘fake’ food to a level higher than that of Soylent (a milkshake that provides you everything you need to survive sans taste!).


If you’re wondering how this works, we will break it down for you.

You wear your super-cool Cyclops glasses and choose a setting you prefer to eat in. Then you choose the dish that that you yearn for. For now, your choices are between sushi, lasagna and steak. You use your fancy fork which has more sensors than your car and take a bite of the ‘steak’ in front of you. You also have an aromatic diffuser which ensures the aroma of your steak adds to your dining experience. All in all, a good meal wouldn’t you say? Take off your Cyclops glasses and this is what it looks like.


project nourished 2

The idea inspired by the movie “Hook” where Peter Pan imagines what he is eating, is making us, foodies, a bit apprehensive. But designer Jinsoo An believes that in the future this technology would help in reducing diabetes, eating disorders and even obesity.

Hardcore food enthusiasts can take consolation in the fact that this technology isn’t a reality yet and is just an idea on a website. Well till then let’s chomp on some carrots, shall we?