Virat Kohli And His Punjabi Love With Butter Chicken

Virat Kohli is more than just one of the best cricketer the country has seen. He is a bundle of young energy inspiring millions, the model partner (yes Anushka, we’re looking at you), and a 100 per cent relatable desi guy next door with his antics on and off the field. In a recent interview with Rajdeep Sardesai for Hindustan Times, Kohli spoke about his love for typical Punjabi food and his fitness regimen.


Punjabi At Heart

A well-toned being, the cricketer stays true to his protein shakes and a gluten-free, low carb, high-protein diet. The diet is a drastic change from the Indian skipper’s food choices in the past. Something that reflects in pictures of his younger days that show a pudgier and fuller Virat. “I realised that if I wanted to compete with the best in the world, then I just had to be a top-class athlete. Today, maybe I could take on a Novak Djokovic in the gym!” the cricketer beams.

A Punjabi at heart, Virat has grown up on butter chicken and chhole, a dish that was simmering in the kitchen when Sardesai was visiting the athlete. “Well, I am a good Punjabi boy who used to love butter chicken and food in general, so the early days of a controlled diet weren’t easy,” admits Virat.

Rest day is a cheat day, never stop working hard. ??

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Evidently enough, the cricketer is now a transformed person with a form fitter than most sportsmen and a game appreciated by millions, experts and fans alike.

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