Virat Kohli Would Eat This Special On A Cheat Day

One of the many underrated but immensely entertaining interview chat shows out there is Gaurav Kapur’s Breakfast With Champions. The show, which has Kapur and some of “champion friends” indulging in casual and candid conversations of breakfast, recently featured Indian skipper Virat Kohli – alias Cheeku – and these were easily one of the best 40 minutes on any BWC episode.


Tales Of Kohli’s Diet

In addition to hilariously calling out some him team members, like Yuvraj Singh who refused to order his own food but disses everything that someone else orders for him and Rohit Sharma’s ever so forgetful mind. But that’s not all. Kohli impressed viewers with tales of his weight loss and will power that has kept him away from his beloved butter chicken and naan for over four years now!

The cricketer is easily at the peak of a flawless game and enviable health right now and needless to say, all this hasn’t come easily to him. A staunch Delhiite at heart and stomach, Kohli spoke about his love for Punjabi staples and how he has managed to not eat a single bite of any of it.

However, Virat added with a wide grin that the “pain” of not getting to eat his favourite foods has now been replaced with immense pride. That said, the cricketer did not hesitate for a second when asked what his meal would on a cheat day: “Chhole bhature from Ram Rajouri Garden. 110%. And that too right there, next to his shop, because by the time the bhature come home they become faturey like soggy bread”, the cricketer said, adding “he like his bhatura piping hot and super fluffy, along with some onion, green chutney, and pickle”. We feel you Virat!

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Breakfast Of The Champion

But rich and puffy bhaturas aside, what does the champion really eat for breakfast? Well, Kohli’s breakfast is as fancy as his cheat meal is rich. “My breakfast is set: a 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg omelet with spinach, black pepper, and cheese with some grilled bacon or smoked salmon on the side. This along with some fresh papaya, watermelon, and dragon fruit paired with some cheese for good fats. I carry my own nut butters and have it with gluten free breads. And finally, a nice pot of green tea with some lemon”. *Drools*

Well, we expected nothing less from the captain of the Indian cricket team! Watch the full interview below.


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