Viral Food Which Tops The List In Tastiness

Viral foods catch eyeballs due to their texture, size, colours and perhaps being unique in nature. However, do they all deliver in taste? Who better to answer than Herrine Ro whose job is to try out each and every one of the foods that go viral.

Herrine Ro is an associate producer at Insider and on Thursday she decided to talk about her job on Reddit. Here she answer questions about which viral foods were good and which were bad. She also talked about Insider’s video series: The Great Cheese Hunt.

And The Winner Is

While Ro claimed that unicorn-themed food tasted terrible, the one the she loves was Benny Tudino’s giant pizza. “Benny Tudino’s giant pizza is basically the best slice I’ve ever eaten,” she wrote. “I frequent the place a lot,” Ro answered on Reddit. The pizza pie at this place weighs about five pounds and are 32 inches in diameter.