Vincent Kartheiser Is KFC’s Latest Colonel Sanders


In the appalling case that you haven’t noticed, KFC has a new face every few years. Of course, Colonel Sanders is the constant one, but the food chain also picks up actors to portray Colonel Sanders. Previously, the Yum! Brands Company has had the iconic silver-haired bespectacled colonel portrayed by actors like Darrel Hammond, Norm Macdonald, and most recently, Jim Gaffigan.

The most recent celeb to hop on the Sanders bandwagon is Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser. This time the brand has ditched the classic Colonel look for a younger Nashville Colonel. And given Kartheiser’s soft features, it doesn’t come as a surprise that KFC picked up the Nashville filter to frame its latest adman’s face.vincent-kartheiser_0

According to the fast food chain, “The actor will be depicting a new heartthrob Nashville Hot Colonel. Vincent’s vintage good looks and piercing blue eyes made him perfect for the role.”

Decked in Colonel Sanders’ signature crisp ivory garb, Kartheiser will be seen bringing back the 50s and 60s with some cheesy and some deliciously striking shots. The new adman brings along with him a new TVC and a basket of delicious Nashville Hot Chicken as well.kfc-02kfc-03

“Like KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken, I’m a bit of a rebel decked out in authentic Nashville flavor — a perfect combination of classic and cool,” says the actor.


Hot Chicken has been catching up with the folks of Nashville, Tennesse. Heading to the same, KFC ahs launched the all-new Hot Chicken variety.