This Video Will Make You Rethink Your Love For Gummy Candies

There is an odd level of satisfaction that our soul feels while watching ‘How It’s Mae’ video. Be it a box of chocolates or a packet of fusilli, the fulfillment our senses gain at each and every step long the conveyor belt is unmatched. Especially candy videos. Man, they are the best! How about we take you through a quick video of how gummy candies are made?

Hands down, gummy candies are a sheer delight. Right from the time you pick ‘em up in all the possible shapes, forms, colours and sizes available at the candy shop to the point you open the bag and scoff down a handful, the sweet is all kinds of awesome. A teeth’s worst nightmare – and dentist’s dream come true –but awesome nonetheless.


You may want to rethink those adjectives though after you watch this short film on how gummy candies are produced. Made by Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens, the film plays in rewind. So it starts with a gummy ball going from the mouth to the packet to the factory, and so on. The video takes the viewer through the various steps of making the candy back to the very first step – skinning the pigs.

That’s right. You may be aware that all those colourful and vibrant gummy candies are gummy for a reason. And unless you’re having one with a better – more humane – substitute like agar, you’re probably eating the ones with gelatin. And while that is common knowledge, how the gelatin is extracted is probably something that rarely or never crosses your mind.

This video clears up all doubts you might’ve ever had about gelatin. It’s gross enough to make you give up gummy candies forever and never have anything to do with them ever again. Seriously, do not watch if you gross out easy. Or if you love pigs (or any animal, for that matter).

Okay then, enjoy your gummy bears!


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