Vibrant Décor And Ingenious Array Of Dishes- Here’s Why We are In Love With This Restaurant

This restaurant has a way of stirring up nostalgia with their décor and music. From the paintings that adorn the walls to the furniture, every object in the restaurant reminds you of a bygone era. A time we look back at with love.


Welcome to Desi Di- Dhinchak Food, the first of its kind adaptive Indian restaurant in Chennai from Oriental Cuisines Pvt. Ltd. after Va Pho. The menu curated carefully with the help of Chef Aaron Coutinho, it is an adaptive fusion of retro and modern Indian Cuisine. Some of the signature dishes featured on the menu are Red hibiscus ice tea, Khakraya papad, Desi di mutton Chelo kebab, Country matka chicken, Gulab jamun cheesecake and much more.

Lemon Barley Shikanji served first, it is the signature drink of the restaurant. Here the lemon zest is boiled with barley and it is a perfect choice before you start your lunch. For the Red Hibiscus Iced Tea, another popular drink among the customers, the hibiscus are grown in the restaurants’ garden itself.

The Arbi Pakoda was served in an aluminium tumbler while the mutton samosa came in a tiffin box that was something our grandparents would fondly remember from their school days. The Paneer Bhurji Khakra ya Papad was so delicious that we were tempted for seconds.

For the main, try their Chicken Patiala; a creamy chicken gravy topped with an egg on top accompanied with Dal Tadka and roti or naan. Or maybe if you are in the mood for the biriyani, go for their biriyani in Hyderabadi style.

For the desserts, we had the Gulab Jamun Cheesecake which will floor you with its taste. Though we were a bit hesitant about Hajar Ka Halwa Samosa with Candy Floss, we loved every bite of it.

Chef Aaron Coutinho has stitched together the unique taste and flavour of cuisines across India and created a wide array of delicious and interesting dishes. If you haven’t visited DesiDi, make sure that you book a table right now itself.