Via Calcutta Opens in Kandivali

“Via Calcutta”, a pure veg joint is the only brand which serves authentic Kolkata Chaats in Mumbai. The outlet is named Via “Calcutta” and not “Kolkata” as they believe, Calcutta gives a more emotional touch to the name.

The authenticity in taste is boosted by the ingredients which are produced and sourced all the way from Kolkata. Not just that, the Chef and all the servers are also hired from Kolkata to complete the diners authentic ‘Calcutta’ experience. They pride themselves for their quality of food and consistent taste.

They offer a plethora of options on the menu to pick from, each exceeded by the next. Start off with the flavor-packed Calcutta Puchka,  Calcutta Churmur, Calcutta Jhal Mudi, Calcutta Ghoogni Chaat, Calcutta Moong Dal Chilla, Calcutta Club Kachori and Sabji and many more such delicacies. Moving on to dessert, pick between dishes like Calcutta Jalebi and Calcutta Kulfi, and to finish of the perfect Kolkata meal try a glass of the famous Calcutta Kulhad Masala Chai or Calcutta Soda Sikanji.

For all those who miss Kolkata and the delicious food, this is the place to be.

Location: Shop No.16, Raj Arcade, Next to Axis bank, Mahavir Nagar, Kandivali West, Mumbai

Date: 1 September 2018   

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