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This Vending Machine In London Serves Up Free Gin & Tonics


Fancy picking up a Gin & Tonic at a vending machine for free? LoneWolf is here to make all your alcohol-filled dreams come true! The spirits company is giving out premixed G&Ts at vending machines if you’ve got the right token.

As Economics students know, there is no such thing as a free lunch, so this isn’t quite without strings attached. Obviously, it’s a promotion for LoneWolf’s new canned G&T’s so all you have to do to get the right token is to tweet @LoneWolfSpirits with the hashtag #TheWolfOfOldStreet.

And it looks like the promotion is going off without a hitch as according to London’s City A.M., people had to “line up” to use the machine today, though thankfully, it’s also open tomorrow.

According to LoneWolf, the stunt is a nod to London’s past: During the gin prohibition of the 1800s, apparently bar owners in the city would create hidden slots to secretly serve desperate gin seekers.

“Gin distillation is something that runs through the veins of London’s cultural history and this vending machine installation gave us the ideal opportunity to combine innovation with the cunning wisdom of the past to unleash our LoneWolf gin and tonic cans on London,” Doug Bairner, managing director of LoneWolf, was quoted as saying.

However, if you miss out on the promo, fret not as the cans will be available at Tesco soon, but we all know that nothing tastes as good as free stuff does.

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